Ancient World Mysteries

Life on Earth is a thrilling, interesting, and intriguing existence especially considering the many strange, unexplained mysteries surrounding us on a daily basis. There is so much to discover, and so much more to learn! We are in a new era of frontier exploration. Our history is a new wild west, the next final frontier, to solve the ultimate mysteries of who we really are and where we truly came from. We live in a modern epoch. Each day growing closer to deeper spiritual understanding, a conscious awakening about life, which perhaps we know one day will become something beyond anything we've ever imagined. Then, we will look back at our past and ask why was it ever so complicated to figure it out, the answer is simple to our future selves. Many thousands of researchers around the world are examining our past, looking for answers, attempting to solve some of the toughest questions about who we are, and these answers are changing who we are, and who we'll be an adventurous quest, for the meaning of life.

In ways of observing present day, compared to our history, we can examine how our distant relatives incidentally changed who we are today, if by no fault of their own. What the world is today, is because our past influenced it to become as such, just as present day affects our future. Those who walked Earth before we existed are responsible for creating the very foundation in which we live at this moment in time. Mankind adapts to ways of history, and we changed over time by improving the fabric of society into what is now, a proud patriotic modern era. Except, it's time to understand our modern civilization is really a primitive foundation of future time.

While researching several aspects of our history from strange unexplained monuments and artifacts, to mysterious creatures roaming around the world, J.C. Vintner created a large resource collection in the process to share with the world. Ancient World Mysteries is the master of the Vintner's research series as an in-depth compilation of all three sub-categorized subjects. This volume is unlike the previous three, as the compiled work also incorporates personal commentary, reviews, and reflections on subject matter. Original documentation and valued resources are still available throughout the full novel. Various excerpts from these sub-topic editions can be found in many online bookstores, on official websites, and referenced on many social platforms. The grand quest to discover who we are, what the meaning of life is, and what our future might become.

Ultimately it's up to us to learn about our world heritage, who we really are in the grand design of our universe, and how our lives may change in the future from actions of yesterday and today. The modern world needs a lot of available hands to help piece together mankind's past, to discover exactly who our ancestors were, and what they did leading up to a revolution in technology. Earth needs more archaeologists, geologists, physicists, astronomers, historians, researchers, paranormal hunters, and truth seekers to help push the boundaries of science - To think outside of accepted ideas and peer beyond habitually malformed tunnel vision. Earth requires people to pose more questions and theorize more answers, as there is much to discover about our ancient past than once believed.

Life on Earth is precious, and for right now it seems like we're the only life known to exist throughout the cosmos, yet research indicates a high probability life exists elsewhere in the universe. There's even the possibility unknown life roams the planets with mankind. Eyewitness encounters through out the world for many thousands of years suggest the presence of alternate life living on Earth in the form of large unknown creatures hiding in the woods and swimming the depths of our oceans. Testimonial evidence is staggering, but physical evidence is largely lacking for what science would consider as proof positive. Cryptozoologists and researchers around the world are putting in their best efforts to change this, to once and for all discover some of the strangest, unexplained animals theorized to exist.

Exploring our past can teach us much about who we are - Especially when we trek through ancient philosophical concepts. How our distant relatives perceived the world, common beliefs of those eras, and comparing those with our modern world. Perhaps we are connected by one universal mind, that our thoughts are essentially shared throughout the cosmos. Is mankind capable of communicating with the distant reaches of our galaxy and beyond? Through the perseverance, dedication, and meaningful spiritual reflection - One day these answers might be found. It's quite possible mankind already knows the meaning of life, but it will take a moment of epiphany to coax it forward.

Ancient World Mysteries is a compliation of research by J.C. Vintner, designed to examine several aspects of previous life on Earth, and how it's still affecting our future. The research includes expanded ideas from of previous publications, such as attempting to understand mankind's Earth mysteries by trying to connect civilization's forgotten dots around the world. It's an extraordinary undertaking which requires study and research of many topics, each in their own right a bit daunting at times. Vintner's goal is to provide a well organized resource and starting point for new researchers. His works are designed as a muse for those who want to know more; To inspire others to ask questions, to help discover the truth.

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Ancient World Mysteries
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