Mysterious Creatures

Life on Earth is precious, and for right now it seems like we're the only life known to exist throughout the cosmos, yet research indicates a high probability life exists elsewhere in the universe. There's even the possibility unknown life roams the planets with mankind. Eyewitness encounters through out the world for many thousands of years suggest the presence of alternate life living on Earth in the form of large unknown creatures hiding in the woods and swimming the depths of our oceans. Testimonial evidence is staggering, but physical evidence is largely lacking for what science would consider as proof positive. Cryptozoologists and researchers around the world are putting in their best efforts to change this, to once and for all discover some of the strangest, unexplained animals theorized to exist.

Ancient Legends

Ancient World Mysteries is a compilation of research by J.C. Vintner on ancient mystery topics including mysterious unknown creatures roaming darker areas of the world. Research includes expanded ideas from of previous publications, such as a study of legendary cryptids and how our ancestors may have influenced our belief system, inadvertently creating these legends. There is of course the idea, many of these animals do exist, but in a very different form than initially perceived. Vintner strong believes mankind is part of a much larger creation and his works are designed to be a muse for those who want to know more - To inspire others to ask questions, to help discover the truth.